Thursday, August 12, 2010

perfect entry

The title of this blog post may sound boastful, but the beauty of this entryway makes me want to fast forward 10 or 15 years to the day when I can have a home this exceptional.

{photo credit - Joshua McHugh}

I found this exquisite photo while paging through House Beautiful as I waited in a doctor's office the other day.  Of course, I had to go buy the magazine so I could have it for myself.  This picture comes from an article entitled "A Classic Home in Blue."  I love the puzzle-like nature of the frames up the staircase.  

I about squealed in delight when I then found this perfect dining room cabinet...anyone who attended our wedding would understand why I love this cabinet's contents!

{photo credit - Joshua McHugh}

I also wanted this first entry to be my "perfect entry" into this world of blogging.  I don't know who will read this, but for those of you who do happen to stumble upon my blog, I hope I can brighten your day--with a little inspiration from this small town girl.

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